Bio Science

Bio Science

Molecular Diagnostics

Checks diseases by amplifying DNA & RNA which contains the genetic information of biomarkerqs such as urine, saliva, blood, etc.

Allows molecular diagnostic testing in all fields(not only testing infectious virus such as COVID-19 and Influenza but also cancers and genetic disorders) to be carried out simultaneously with one single inspection platform.

Applied in various types of technologies such as Real time PCR and LAMP PCR

Electrochemical Diagnostics

Diagnostics platform with high sensitivity using carbon nanomaterials and polymer dots, which are ligand bonds for various markers

Independent technology for coating polymer dots(Pdot) on the surface of semiconductor wafer

Measures the electrical signals generated when the polymer dot and the target biomarker react with each other

POCT Type : Wireless monitoring system connected to bluetooth


Technology to diagnose biomarkers related to various diseases based on antigen-antibody reaction

Applied for diagnosing infectious diseases or chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and hormonal diseases

Applied with various types of platforms such as rapid test, fluorescence immunoassay, ELISA, electrochemical immunoassay and electrochemiluminescence immunoassay

Independent technology for test strips with high sensitivity, specificity and accuracy


Devices for analysis which combines biological elements and physicochemical detectors

Electrochemical biosensor : transduces the biological informations to electrical signals that are easy to process.

Optical biosensor : High sensitivity, wide operating range, and complex detection

Forming a diverse consortium with two sensing technology platforms using electrochemistry and optics


A platform utilizing portable devices replacing the role of traditional large equipment to allow on-site inspec- tion

Annually upgraded various features of POCT with the development of technology

SMART POCT Technology : Increased customer man- agement reliability and medical treatment efficiency through wireless data transmission and big data systems

Paradigm shift from simple POCT to smart POCT, such as AI application, which can support producing test results and prescriptions.

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